Items We Pay Cash On The Spot For Antiques
Most antique auction houses or stores
don't like to buy items. We do!
How do you know how much to pay for
Most stores or auction houses play
games with prices and guess.
At Boston Antiques we actually pay you
exactly half of what the items sell for
Simply come in with your items and we
look the items up on the internet and pay
you exactly half of what they sell for
online. Very simple procedure with
What items do you buy?
What items don't we buy?
We at Boston Antiques have such a wide
array of items we pay cash for on the
spot. We do offer auction services or
online sales services, or full house
cleanouts as well. We have thrift store
affiliations as well to sell your low end
  • Gold (Any Condition)
• Diamonds/Platinum
• Sterling Holloware
• Antique Jewelry
• Diamond Jewelry
• Fine Watches
• Artwork Lithographs,
• Musical Instruments
  • Estate Jewelry/Coins
• Tiffany/Cartier
• Jewelry/Watches/Silver
• Patek Philippe/Breguet
• IWC/Vacheron/A.
  • Paintings/Fine Art
• Collectables/Bullion
  • Antique furniture
  • Old Toys
  • Silver
  • Glassware
  • Vintage Items
  • Radios
  • All items
  • Just call 24 hours
  • 857-413-0674