La Chic Boutique
Sell-Buy-Laon KD Sneakers Boston

Welcome To La Chic Boutique
La Chic Boutique is a store in Boston, MA that
Buys, Sells, Trade and Pawns/Loans any kind of
KD Sneakers any Size and Condition Box or no

Here in La Chic Boutique we Have Expertise that
will help you Sell or Pawn your KD Sneakers. We
Pay Very high prices when it comes to KD
Sneakers (Highest In the state). We always pay
more than you Expected. All the People that come
here to sell their KD Sneakers Left Our Store with
a big smile and a pocket full of cash. We pay Cash
the Same Day No Delays.

We Also Pawn KD Sneakers and give you cash,
and keep your KD Sneakers in a safe place until
you come and pay a small interest and Get Your
KD Sneakers Back.

If you Are interested in the our Sneaker Collection
we Have , We can also do trade. We will trade
your KD Sneaker with any Sneaker we have and
we will pay you the difference or you will pay the
difference, it Depends on the shoes.

We always try to make it easy for our customers,
that's why we created this new system which is,
just send us the ten digit number on your KD
Sneaker and we will give you your price on text
before you even come, so that its will be quicker
and faster for you once you come and it will show
you that we pay higher that anyone else in the
whole state.
Text or Call right now don't hesitate
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
Davis Square.(Next to the Redline Train)
(Parking behind the building)