La Chic Boutique
Sell - Buy - Loan Prada Bags Boston
La Chic Boutique specializes in the buying, trading, and re-selling of
New or pre-owned Prada handbags and accessories. La Chic
Boutique is a Store in Boston that buys any Prada Handbag and pays
the highest price for it. We Have Bought over 1000s Prada Bags since
we opened and every Customer that sold us his/her Prada bag left
happy with the high cash we paid them and with our friendly
Customer Service. Our process is fast, Confidential and easy with
cash the same day no Delays.
Even if you don't want to sell your Prada bag but  you need some fast
cash you can bring your Prada bag to La Chic Boutique and get a
Loan for it. All you have to do is  bring your Prada handbag, get some
cash, then we will put it in a safe place until you come and pick it up
and pay a little interest.

We also sell new and gently used Prada handbags for very fair prices,
so if you are trying to buy a Prada Handbag La Chic Boutique is the
best place for you. Every item at La Chic Boutique is carefully
examined by our experienced staff to meet our exact standards. This
allows Paris Station to offer our sophisticated and up-to-date
customers the highest quality merchandise at a great value. Like-new
and gently used items can be found at up to 70% below their retail

Take the Opportunity and advantage to call and ask us about your
Prada Product and we will give you your price on text.
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
Call or Text: (617-821-6229)
(Parking Behind the Building)
(Next to the Red line)

Another Store opening Soon on January 2nd inNewbury Street,
MA, 02115.It is Going to Be Best Fashion Store in Massachusetts.
Alot of High End Products, Handbags, Watches, Shoes,and
more will be on our Newbury Store Soon.
For any Questions Please Call 617-821-6229.