La Chic Boutique
Sell - Pawn Tools in Boston
together and sell their power tools, air tools, mechanics tools, and
more. Are you considering your good used tools? You are in the
right place!
Here in La Chic Boutique You Can sell your used tools and get
alot of cash for it.
Why you Let your tools sit at home or in a garage, Bring it to La
Chic Boutique and you will be amazed by how much we will offer
you and you will leave our store with a big smile and alot of cash.
Bring any type of tools that you have (like power tools, air tools,
mechanics tools, toolboxes...etc) and we will Pay you more cash
than you Expected.
Even If you don't want to sell your tools but you need fast cash you
can bring your tools and get a loan for it and you will have up to
four months to Pay the small interest amount and get you tools
safely Back.(within the pawn period your tools will be kept in a
very safe place).
No wasting time, no playing games, no waiting time, easy, fast
and confidential cash the same day no delays.

Take the opportunity and advantage to call and ask about selling
or pawning your tools and we will give you your price on text.
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144
(Parking Behind the Building)
(Next to the Red line)