Ebay drop off services in
Ebay Store
I sell on Ebay.
Ebay selling asistant.
Ebay seller Boston,
Ebay Consignment in Boston
Ebay lister in Boston,

Actually we don't sell on
ebay but offer cash same
day for the items so it is
better for you. So text us the
photos or the specs to
857-413-0674 and we can
text you a quote right back
on what we would pay for.
Why would you pay an ebay
seller 30% plus 12% In fees.
We pay cash same day and
you move on with your lives
and don't wait up to a month
for the money for your
Trading Assistants
are experienced eBay
sellers in your area
who will sell your
items for you on eBay
for a fee a very high
fee. By hiring a
Trading Assistant, you
can take advantage of
their selling expertise,
save time and effort,
and still reap the
rewards of selling on
eBay and wait
upwards of one month
for your $$.
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