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Sell Pokemon Cards Boston
Sell Magic Cards Boston
Where can i sell Magic Cards Or Pokemon Cards in
Boston area?
There really aren't any that I know of. La Chic
Boutique Buys them though for cash. Text
857-413-0674 for instant quotes. Cash in hand to
spend same day.

Pandemonium only sells Pokemon sealed product
and not singles, last time I checked. It's more of a
MTG/YGO-dedicated store. (They definitely don't hold
any Pokemon events.)

There's Comicazi in Davis Square right around the
corner of the red line T stop, but I'm not sure if they
buy singles and I wouldn't trust them honestly. Last
time I looked through their binders of singles for sale,
there were a good amount of bootleg cards, which is
obviously a huge red flag.

Your best bet is probably Harrison's Comics in
Salem? Again, I'm not sure if they buy cards, but they
do have a pretty good selection of singles in stock.
They have a pretty good league too. The only thing
that sucks is that it's not exactly Boston area, so you'd
have to go a bit further out to get there. I'd definitely
go more if it was closer to Boston.

Oh, and there's Batter Up Cards & Comics in
Tewksbury. I think they did sell some singles, but I
can't remember much about it since I only went there
once for a Cities last year, but it was so swished in
there during the tournament.

So la chic boutique is a great idea to buy or sell
pokemon cards or Magic cards for cash same day. Or
you can pawn the pokemon cards for cash. I once
saw a black lotus graded 10 in their for sale.