How to Sell David Yurman Jewelry in Boston
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We buy David Yurman and John Hardy Jewelry in
Boston. LBC Boutique & Loan, Somerville.

David Yurman designs Credit: David Yurman.
David Yurman jewelry, with stores across the
United States and around the globe, has secured
its place in fashion through intricate pieces,
strong marketing and celebrity fans such as Kate
Moss and Brad Pitt. New pieces are sold
exclusively at David Yurman stores. The baubles
don't come cheap--but, if you plan correctly, you
can sell them for a profit. If you own a piece and
are looking to unload it, follow the steps below.

Gather proof of purchase and verification
materials, including the receipt, information about
repairs and a stone certificate (if applicable)
detailing the cut, clarity, color and carat weight if
possible on all David Yurman Jewelry. This helps
us pay more for your David Yurman or John Hardy

Anticipate receiving below the retail price for your
item unless it's a limited-edition or a sought-after
piece. It is rare for a buyer to pay full retail
price--no matter how you sell it. We pay highest
for David Yurman pieces in all of Ma.  David
Yurman Rings, Bracelets, And jewelry pieces. ....

Shop your item to local jewelers and compare
prices then shop us last.. We always pay the most
for Tiffany, Ed Hardy and David Yurman pieces.
Their interest will largely depend on the demand
for the item, what condition it's in and whether
they can reuse the stones or other materials.
Offers will be on the low side for two main
reasons: The vendor is taking a chance on
purchasing the item from you since they can't
return it and because they'll have to pay to have it
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