Sell us your used/new cell phones/ ipods/ Slr Digital Cameras Broken or
working-any age or condition. In Boston, Somerville Ma.
T-Mobile,At&t, or unlocked phones, Iphones, etc...  
Slr or High end Digital cameras  Older film cameras w/lens like Leica, Canon
Boston Ma.
If you're one of those people
who change their cell phone
every six months and keep
trendiest models, then this
article is not for you. It is
directed towards those who
do not wish to spend too
much money on buying a
cell phone and are content
living with an old but working
model with which they're
familiar. If you're one of
those people, read on.
We are the number one buyer of cell
All phones Boston

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Buy and cell used cell phones .
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Buy or sell used cell phones/ipods/ Slr or
Professional Digital Cameras at our
location broken or working.
  • We pay cash same day for any used
    cell  phones broken or working.
  • Save time by charging the used cell
    phones before you bring them in.
  • We pay more for at&t and t-mobile cell
    phones because they have sim cards.
We pay half of what they sell for on ebay
sometimes more for desirability. Text us for
a quote.
No surprises, no long lines or waiting.
Come in with your id, buy or sell your used
cell phone to us.

  • We pay more than any other used
    electronic store in the state guaranteed.
    We will meet or beat any price.
  • You can also come shopping in our cell
    phone section of our store.
  • We test every phone you purchase in
    front of you and give you a three day
    guarantee on it working properly.
    Extended warranties can be purchased.
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