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Sell Sterling Silver Boston
We buy any type of sterling
silver in Boston We also
Pawn Silver, Or Pawn
Sterling Silver. We give
loans on silver as well.

Some of you may think that taking your sterling silver
jewelry or flatware or serving pieces to a pawnbroker is
a quick and easy way to get some extra cash. While a
pawnbroker may know something about the value of your
material, they are in the re-sale business and therefore
cannot offer you nearly as much money for your silver as
we can. In fact, a pawnbroker is more than likely to turn
around and sell your material to a company like ours. So
why not cut out the middleman?

We are in the business to refine your materials so we pay
  1. Sterling silver jewelry,
  2. Silver coins any country,
  3. Silver serving sets, flatware etc.,
  4. Coin Silver
We can offer our customers unsurpassed settlements for
all their silver material. We pay you an amount of money
for your silver that's in line with what the silver is actually
worth. Why pawn your silver when you can sell it outright
for its true value?
Call for more info or come in 7 days a week.
-Call or text right now, don't hesitate:
233 Elm St. Somerville, MA 02144 Davis
Square..(Next to the Redline Train) 857-413-0674
(Parking behind the building).-
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